In 2010, I partnered with New York City-based startup School of Cards. As Lead Instructor and Program Coordinator, my role was entirely client-facing. School of Cards offered a wide range of services, including private poker coaching, corporate training seminars and parties. Managing a client portfolio of high net-worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies alike, I was responsible for building lasting relationships through exceptional customized service. With a minimal marketing budget, the success of School of Cards was dependent on repeat business and word of mouth buzz. Durring my tenure, School of Cardsā€™ client portfolio grew more than 400%, with the largest growth occurring in private events for large firms.

As an instructor and coach, I taught all levels of poker strategy. Working with groups of 8 to 12 participants, I taught an Introduction to Poker class that was the cornerstone of School of Cardā€™s business model and development strategy. Working with novice players and poker professionals, I also taught intermediate and advanced poker strategies, including statistical analysis, game theory and reading non-verbal cues.