As a member of the Fordham Graduate School of Business Executive MBA program, I participated in a research project on Digital Transformation in Media, including and presentation of the research to an executive team at Ogilvy - Asia Pacific in Beijing, China. The capstone project of Fordham's EMBA program was a consulting assignment that sought to define digital trends in China and identify how a communications firm can best position itself to satisfy the needs of clients as technology changes media and information channels.

Fordham GBA, EMBA Cohort 10 at The Great Wall

Fordham GBA, EMBA Cohort 10 at The Great Wall

Issues addressed:

  • Brand integration through social gaming

  • Managing crisis through social channels

  • Wearables

  • e-Government

  • Healthcare information

Ogilvy - Asia Pacific CEO and President Scott Kronick and his team were receptive and engaged throughout the three-hour presentation, providing substantive insight and feedback. Key takeaways from the meeting included greater insight into Chinese communications restrictions, first-hand crisis management examples and speculation about the potential for e-government.

graphic by  Ryan Licker

graphic by Ryan Licker