Low Times was an independently produced music interview podcast hosted by Tom Scharpling, Daniel Ralston, and Maggie Serota. I helped launch Low Times in 2011 as associate editor and continued to work with Low Times through 2012, editing more than half of the series' 51 episodes. I am proud to have contributed with both editorial and technical input that helped shape the sound of this critically acclaimed podcast.

"Joe was instrumental in the launch and execution of the Low Times Podcast. He played a key role in the technical end of the show (editing, live engineering, mixing) as well as the creative end. He helped us problem solve, offered creative solutions and always met deadlines."

-Daniel Ralston (co-creator, Low Times)

graphic by  Mollie Komins

graphic by Mollie Komins


"Part of Low Times’ defining charm is that it draws the listener in whether or not you know the artist being questioned."

- Capital

"Nice job of leading their subjects without pressing too hard, and letting the conversation flow naturally without hurriedly moving from topic to topic."

- A.V. Club