I was initially brought in as a technical consultant during production of Season Two of the independently produced web series, Hot Mess. Working on location shoots and post-production, I recognized an opportunity for the series to find a bigger audience and wider distribution. Consulting with the show’s executive producers, we devised a comprehensive relaunch strategy integrating all of the brand’s social media streams. By scheduling content publication and coordinating all social channels, Hot Mess achieved its goals of reaching wider audiences and attracting the attention of casting professionals and programming and development executives.

"Joe Grimaldi was one our most essential collaborators on my webseries HOT MESS, now in it's 3rd Season. He came to us with a strategy to tap into our YouTube market, which we previously ignored focusing on smaller platforms.  Based on Google's new YouTube distribution strategies, Joe advised a release schedule to optimize traffic and audience growth. We took his advise and it paid off.  As the executive producer, I often turned to him for feedback on production and distribution strategy. Joe has a keen eye for quality content and how to get it seen.  When I found myself overwhelmed by the ever changing world of Independent Web Producing, Joe was invaluable resource."

- Amy Kersten, Producer/Creator Hot Mess